Myanmar Jick-Young Co.,Ltd

GKC also invested in Myanmar’s Health and Beauty sector as a Myanmar Jick-Young Co.,Ltd. Since the company was established in 1998, MJY is the first one of Disposable syringe factory in Myanmar. It was set up with the technology transferred from Japan and Korea. It was run under Korean management for 2 years and after that, the well trained and well experienced Myanmar work force take over the operation of the factory. MJY is still sending trainees to Korea to upgrade working skills.

Currently MJY is producing , assembling and packing medical devices such as disposable syringes and hypodermic needles. The needles used are imported from Korea and are CE Mark(EN 46001) and ISO 9001 certified. Currently MJY is producing four types of syringes such as: (1) 3 ml/cc, (2) 5ml/cc, (3) 10ml/cc and (4) 20ml/cc.

Myanmar Jick-Young Co.,Ltd. Is committed to provide an efficient, professional and responsive touch to deliver the best medical devices to our value client by; Listening and understanding the needs and expectations of the customer and provide high quality, safe and efficacious, products and ensure prompt delivery to term complying with the ISO 9001 2015 International Standards , National medical devices Law requirements and Myanmar FDA. Manage the resources to engage continual improvement approach to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.

  • Company in Operation : Myanmar Jick –Young Co.Ltd.
  • Investment : US$ 12 millions
  • Date of Operation : 1998
  • Products : Disposable Syringes , Disposable Hypodermic Needles
  • Production Capacity : Pcs- 75 millions / Year.
  • Brand : MJY(Myanmar Jick-Young Co. Ltd., ).
  • Certificated : ISO 9001 2015,Myanmar FDA

Address :Factory No.41, Min Theikdi Kyaw Swar Street, Industrial Zone(2),Hlaing Tharyar Town Ship ,Yangon, Myanmar. Tel;(95)1-684561-4,(95)9-452105098, Fax: (95)1-684564.

Address :Office No.216/222,8B,8C & 8D. Corner of Bo Myat Htun Road & Mahabandoola Road, Bo Myat Htun Housing , Pazundaung Town Ship, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel:(95)1-202578,(95)1-202579.Fax: (95) 1-293875

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